Adolescence and sexual development

 Learning outcomes:

By the end of this module you should be able to:


  • explain the neurobiological, biological and cognitive changes of adolescence


  • name the physical changes during puberty


  • state the theories of adolescent development and who described them


  • define psychosexuality


  • define and explain the factors of psychosexual influence


  • state and explain the theories of psychosexual development


  • name the common presentations of abnormal adolescent development.


Module introduction

In this module we will learn about the events that occur during adolescence. By the end of the module you should have a good understanding of the most prominent challenges of adolescence, however you should bear in mind that this period is a relatively modern concept, which may vary across cultures. A large proportion of adolescents may negotiate this phase without significant setbacks; for others, the trials and tribulations are a poignant part of their making.


In short, it would be unwise to believe that this module could explain all that constitutes 'adolescent development'. I would therefore urge you to develop your knowledge on this subject by researching the topic further and reading the book sections suggested in the key reading.


Learning notes

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