Social influence: leadership, power, conformity and obedience

by Dr Clare Fenton and reviewed by Dr Ankur Agarwal


Social influence: leadership, power, conformity and obedienceLearning outcomes:


Through completing this module you should be able to:


  • name the main theories of social influence


  • describe how these theories are used to explain how people influence each other's behaviour.


  • describe the main theories of persuasion


  • describe the term 'group influence' and the main research into this area


  • analyse the different forms of 'diffusion of responsibility' on an individual’s behaviour


  • describe the difference between obedience and conformity


  • name the major studies into conformity and obedience


  • name the factors that impact on rates of conformity and obedience


  • compare the main theories of leadership and have some knowledge of the research that underpins them


  • name the different forms of power and be able to give examples of these in action.


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