Author FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions for potential and commissioned TrOn authors. If you have any further queries or concerns, drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
I am not confident of my writing skills; should I apply to be an author?


Yes. We look for authors with enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education. If you provide us with the knowledge and the ideas to teach your module topic effectively, we will support you as much as we can with language and writing skills.



How much time will it take to write a module for TrOn?


This will vary from author to author and module to module. Once an author has been invited to write their first draft (which follows approval of an outline of all the points the module will cover), they will be given 6–8 weeks to submit to us.


Work on the module does not stop there, however: the first draft will be reviewed by our Trainee Editor and an expert in the field and the author asked to revise their module content. A Content Editor will then work closely with the author to develop the revised draft for the website. Once the online version has been completed, we may go back to the Expert Reviewer for further feedback, requiring additional changes. Finally, the Exam Panels will check the online version against the MRCPsych syllabus: they might request some final amendments before the publication of the module on the website.


We have created a step-by-step guide to our module processes with the rough timescales involved, but each module will be slightly different depending on the time it takes for submissions, reviews and revisions.



I have a colleague who I would like to co-author a module with me; is this allowed?


You are welcome to apply to contribute to TrOn with a co-author if you have both obtained the MRCPsych (see FAQ below for further information on co-author requirements). It is essential for all lead authors to have passed the College membership exams. However, if you would like to work with a trainee who has not taken the exams or someone who works in another field (e.g. psychology or pharmacy), you must present evidence for your co-author’s suitability as an author on your module topic, including specific training or education. We will consider co-authors in this category on a case-by-case basis; acceptance is not guaranteed. The payment for published modules is split between co-authors.



I have started the module and now I think I need a co-author; what should I do?


Contact the team in the first instance. If you have someone in mind and they have passed the College membership exams, it is very likely that we will be happy for them to be involved with TrOn but do check with us first.


If you require a co-author from another field (e.g. psychology or pharmacy) or who trains/works in psychiatry but has not passed the exams (e.g. a Core Trainee or Specialty Doctor), you will need to demonstrate their suitability to contribute to your module topic. Possible evidence might include a postgraduate degree on the topic or specialist training. You will also be expected to take the lead on the module to ensure that its content meets the needs of trainees preparing for their exams.


Please note:  we may consider specific requests for co-authors who have not obtained MRCPsych, however this will be on a case by case basis and we cannot guarantee their acceptance. If you feel unable to complete your module without a co-author but you can’t find someone suitable yourself,
we might be able help so don’t hesitate to ask. The payment for published modules is split between



I don't know how to format an online module - what will I need to learn?


We do not expect you to have any technical skills as an author for TrOn. You just need to provide us with the written content, some possible ideas for interactive exercises, and your suggestions for the images you would like to include. Your module will then be assigned to a Content Editor, who will take the initial Word document (or similar) and craft it into the finished product. This involves sourcing or creating multimedia content, developing interactive activities, and improving the clarity and impact of your voice as an author. Your Content Editor will need your input as the module evolves – you will be asked to respond to queries and suggestions.



I want to incorporate images/videos in my module; how do I do this?


Suggestions for images to include in your module are always welcome, but remember that the majority of images and videos taken from the web or publications will be copyrighted. Please provide the sources for all images and videos that you use so that we can ensure that appropriate permission is sought and acknowledgement given. We have a form that you can use to request permission for specific images/videos yourself and we can provide support if required. Please note that permission is not always granted, so we may need alternative suggestions.


Whilst we welcome the enthusiasm, we would not recommend spending time drawing your own images, unless you are unable to find or describe a similar image that demonstrates the concepts you want to get across. Any hand-drawn images that you include in your drafts will have to be redrawn by a Content Editor when your module is prepared for the website.


If you want to make your own video, please get in touch with us first – we may not be able to use it. We will also require consent from anyone who appears in the video.



Do I need to reference sources from the Web?


Absolutely! Please include any and all references for the content that is not your own work.



What if I can't manage the deadline(s)?


Communication is the key. Although TrOn is an online resource, we do have tight production schedules. However, we understand that workloads can fluctuate and modules can take longer to write than anticipated. If you are unable to submit to us by the deadline you have been given, please contact the Editorial Assistant to agree upon another date. We would much rather know that you are still working on your module but in need of a bit more time than not hear from you at all.



Who can I contact if I need support or have a question about my TrOn module?


Please feel free to contact the Editorial Assistant if you are having any issues or require advice on your module. Your request can then be passed on to either one of our Content Editors or Trainee Editor depending on the concern. The TrOn team is here to support and assist you with your module so don’t feel shy if you have a question or two.

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