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We have collated the 'key reading' references from our modules into one list on this page.


Each module contains 1-3 items of 'key reading'  journal articles, websites, book chapters  to assist your revision for the MRCPsych examinations in combination with the content of the module.


The 'key reading' is identified by our module authors.



A brief introduction to the history of psychiatry


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Adaptations in adult life


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Adolescence and sexual development


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Adverse drug reactions


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A social history of mental health institutions


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Attention and information processing


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Basic principles of criminology and penology


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Basic genetics


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Basic principles of visual and auditory perception


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Chromosomal abnormalities and inherited conditions in psychiatry


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Clinical genetics


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Conceptualising and studying development


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Ethics and philosophy in psychiatry


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Family life in relation to major mental illness


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Family relationships


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General principles of clinical psychopharmacology


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Intergroup behaviour


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Interpersonal issues


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Learning theory


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Motivation: needs and drives


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Neuroendocrine disorders


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Neuropathology: Part 1 – dementia


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Neuropathology: Part 2 – prions and HIV


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Normal ageing


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Social factors and specific mental health issues


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States and levels of awareness


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Stigma and prejudice


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