Our goals

Wendy Burn

The idea for Trainees Online grew from observing how the way in which trainees learn for examinations has changed since I was in their position. When I was training we knew that if you were familiar with the contents of certain textbooks and key papers you would pass MRCPsych. At some point this changed and many trainees now prepare for exams by practicing MCQs from various websites which charge for this access and have no official link to the College or guaranteed quality control.


The other problem for trainees is that although there is a syllabus for the exam they are not always sure in what depth subjects need to be understood. Trainees Online is designed to help trainees by providing online learning modules which cover the MRCPsych syllabus at the level needed for success in the exam. The idea is that completion of a module including any extra reading recommended will give the trainee sufficient knowledge to pass the exam.


Trainees Online is ambitious and will need lots of work and time to fulfil its potential. I hope that you will support it and contribute to its development.


Professor Wendy Burn


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