Meet the Trainee Editors

Trainees Online (TrOn) has three trainee editors in post, who are working with module authors, expert reviewers and our content editors to ensure that the materials we create are tailored to the needs of pre-membership psychiatry trainees. All are higher specialist trainees who have recent knowledge of the MRCPsych and are dedicated to supporting other trainees who are preparing for the College membership examinations. They provide a trainee voice at every stage of the work, with hands-on roles to guide and realise the process of module production.  


Want to meet the TrOn staff team as well?


Georgia Belam

Georgia is currently working as an ST5 in older adults psychiatry. She completed her core training in Camden and Islington Trust in North London and has now moved to Surrey and Borders Partnership Trust for her higher training. She is loving training to be a psychiatrist, and realises every day what a privilege it is to hear patients' stories and help where she can. She has always been really interested in medical education, and she is really looking forward to helping continue to make TrOn an accessible, comprehensive and useful resource for all trainees, having joined the team in 2018. Apart from medical education, she has a particular interest in medical humanities and how this can be of huge value in the training of healthcare professionals.





Natasha Rishi

Natasha Rishi is a general adult psychiatry trainee working within the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, following completion of her core training in the West Midlands. She has had a long-standing passion for teaching psychiatry, with experience in facilitator, examiner and mentoring roles. She believes that providing high-quality teaching is an important way to promote psychiatry and reduce stigma around the profession. She is thrilled to be joining the TrOn team as a Trainee Editor from August 2019, and working towards enhancing and developing this valuable online learning platform.






Neuroscience Trainee Editors

Jack Underwood

Jack Underwood is a core psychiatry trainee in south Wales, currently completing 6 months' out-of-programme research at the Neuroscience & Mental Health Research Institute, Cardiff University, funded by the Wellcome Trust. He believes that understanding the aetiology and pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders will help dispel their stigma and provide transformational treatments in the future. This passion for neuroscience combines with an interest in medical teaching, particularly as mixed and multimedia, developed through a PgCert in clinical education. He joined the TrOn team in 2018.






David Bishop

The challenge and pleasure of constantly learning new things was one of the reasons that David became a doctor. His curiosity was peaked whilst intercalating for a Neuroscience degree in medical school, ultimately leading him to become a psychiatry trainee. David enjoys channelling his enthusiasm for his job into medical education and has completed a PG Cert in this at the University of Sheffield. He continues to develop his teaching interests there and is looking forward to helping other trainees by making the TrOn resources as relevant and engaging as possible. When not at wok he loves spending time with his family, cycling, and drinking very strong coffee. He joined the TrOn team in October 2019.






Jonathan Blackman

Jonathan is an Old Age Psychiatry Specialist Registrar ST5 working in the South Wales Deanery who completed Core Medical Training in Wessex and Core Psychiatry Training in Severn. He has a particular interest in dementia and alongside his clinical work, he enjoys research time at the Bristol Brain Centre currently focusing on sleep in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's dementia. Along with many colleagues, he feels that neuroscience will play an increasingly important role within psychiatry and hopes that advances over the coming years will help to produce significant clinical benefits for patients. This, combined with a personal passion for medical education, makes involvement in the TrOn team particularly exciting. He is hopeful that its goals in enhancing the understanding of neuroscience will help to prepare and inspire the next generation of trainees. He joined the TrOn team in October 2019.




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