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Trainees Online (TrOn) is an online learning resource that aims to support learners who are preparing for the MRCPsych. It is a College publication that is being created to supplement existing provisions such as contact with clinical and education supervisors, teaching by senior staff in mental health services, and attendance at the local MRCPsych course. 


This reliable revision aid, produced by higher specialist trainees and junior consultants who have recent knowledge of the examinations themselves, is endorsed by the College and is available to Pre-Membership Psychiatry Trainees at no cost above their existing subscription. Modules covering the whole of the basic sciences syllabus are currently in production with new modules being published regularly. Each module includes three items of ‘Key Reading’; the module content plus this added reading is judged to be sufficient coverage for the purposes of the Membership exams.


TrOn offers unique alignment with the MRCPsych syllabus, having been developed in consultation with the College Examinations Department. The Dean and the Chief Examiner of the College have both been crucial to TrOn and influence it directly through the Advisory Board with additional input from trainees and other College stakeholders. 


Trainees are provided with information about TrOn directly from the College, as well as through publicity in the BJPsych and at events such as the International Congress. We also hope that trainers, course leaders and tutors will encourage trainees to consider using this learning resource when preparing for the MRCPsych.  


On the following pages there are suggestions for how you might use TrOn in both training and teaching, if you are:



The May 2016 issue of BJPsych Advances has a number of articles relevant to educators, including suggestions for preparing trainees for the MRCPsych and improving courses, advice for setting up and running journal clubs, and information about being a College tutor for psychiatry trainees.


If you would like to make any suggestions for our resource or to share stories about your experiences of using it for supervision or teaching we would be delighted to hear from you. Please send us an email or complete the form below:


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