Exam syllabus

We aim to create Trainees Online (TrOn) modules to cover the entire MRCPsych syllabus. We have been developing and publishing modules on the basic science topics since June 2014.


We have created integrated versions of the syllabus and our module lists to indicate how our modules are mapped to the syllabus and to keep track of our progress. Please follow the link below to reach the relevant area of the syllabus, tested by the Paper A exam:



You can also view the original versions of our basic science module lists.


For further information on the exams, please see the main RCPsych website.


You might also be interested in Psychiatry in Practice: The Clinical Skills Series on the RCPsych website. These interactive video tutorials are aimed primarily at medical graduates (registered as Student Associates) but they are also relevant to trainees working on their clinical skills for the CASC.


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