Editor's welcome

Welcome to the Royal College of Psychiatrists Trainees Online, or ‘TrOn’.


The College has created this teaching resource to assist you in your preparation for the Membership Examination. The modules have been designed and written by hand-picked authors whose works have been edited through a rigorous peer-review process in order to provide you with accessible, digestible and memorable learning materials.


As Trainees Online is produced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, quality and relevance is guaranteed. The learning activities are mostly written by post-membership trainees familiar with the exam and subsequently peer reviewed by subject area experts. Input in content selection is also guided with the assistance of College examination panels to ensure accurate blueprinting to the College curriculum and the requirements of the examination. We are confident that careful study of the modules, whether on computer or mobile phone, together with review of the recommended 'Key Reading' will be well rewarded when the examination comes round.


We are particularly grateful if trainees leave feedback on any aspect of TrOn, particularly the presentation and content of our modules. Also, if you would like to get further involved with any of our online educational activities further just drop us a line for details of current and forthcoming opportunities.


Trainees Online is the younger sibling of a successful model, the College's CPD Online. We hope you will enjoy using TrOn to aid your development as professionals, and that it will support your success in the Membership Examination. If you feel you have benefited from using it, please let your colleagues know too!


Dr David Reiss

Editor, Trainees Online

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