Modules in progress and coming next

The following modules are currently scheduled to appear on the website:


Coming soon:

Memory by Dr Eleri Murphy and Dr Catherine Walton

Pharmacokinetics: Part 2 by Dr Richard Cherry

Thought by Dr Paul Gosney


Other planned modules:

Basic Sciences 

Adolescence and sexual development

Adult life

Adverse drug reactions

Basic genetics

Basic principles of criminology and penology

Conceptualising and studying development

Chromosomal abnormalities and inherited conditions in psychiatry

Development of language

Family relationships

General principles of clinical psychopharmacology

Interpersonal issues

Neuropathology: Part 2 - HIV and Prion Diseases


Pharmacodynamics: Part 2

Pharmacology of neurotransmitters


Social Class and socio-economic status

Stigma and prejudice

Techniques in genetics

The development of cerebral functions

The internal anatomy of the temporal lobes

The major white matter pathways

The neural and endocrine systems

The neuroendocrine system

The physiology of neurones

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