Meet the TrOn team

Meet the staff members behind the Trainees Online website. We're the ones who are steadily working away ‘behind the curtain’, uploading the authors' content and playing with various media to create those memorable interactive exercises you know and love. It sounds like all fun and games, doesn’t it? But we are also very dedicated in assisting and supporting all our authors with writing high-quality educational material, backed up by research and relevant theory.


Please contact us at: or 020 7235 2351


Want to meet the Trainee Editors as well?


Katie Hughes (maternity cover)/Sophie Easton – eLearning Manager

My job @ a glance: coordinating the teams producing Trainees Online, CPD Online and other eLearning projects; editing and producing content for CPD Online modules and podcasts.


Contact me if: you require information about the College's eLearning projects.


Nicola Mueller – eLearning Editorial Assistant

My job @ a glance: overseeing the commissioning, submission and review processes for modules and providing administrative support to the team.


Contact me if: you would like some more information about TrOn; you are interested in writing or reviewing for us; you are a current author and want to extend your deadline for submission or you’re ready to submit a draft or revision.


Mina Kupfermann – Freelance Content Editor

My job @ a glance: editing and assisting in creating TrOn modules for the website, including producing various educational media and Flash content for the modules.


Mina is the longest-standing member of the team and has been working with the College since 2006. She is known for her eagle eye, spotting typos at 100 paces. She started out in-house as CPD Online Content Editor and now works as freelance editor from wherever she happens to be based.


Contact me if: you would like to discuss anything to do with your module.

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