Editor's welcome

Dr Stuart Leask

Welcome to the Royal College of Psychiatrists Trainees Online, or ‘TrOn’.


This teaching resource has been created by the College in recognition of the challenges facing trainees preparing for the Membership Examination. We recognise that while there are many subject area specialists, the number who can speak to the areas specific to the College curriculum, in language familiar to clinical trainees, is more limited.


Trainees Online is produced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, which derives its authority from academic endeavour in the context of front-line clinical experience over many years. TrOn provides learning activities in the form of modules written in the main by post-membership trainees familiar with the exam, peer reviewed by subject area experts, the content guided by the kind support of the College examination panels to ensure material matches the College curriculum and the requirements of the examination. Satisfactory appreciation of the material in the modules, combined with the carefully-targeted ‘Key Reading’, should be sufficient to get trainees through the examination in the areas covered.


We encourage trainees to leave feedback on both the presentation and content of our modules; although we do our best to manage the quality of the material presented, we cannot claim to have a monopoly on innovation and expertise!


Trainees Online is explicitly based upon a proven model, the College’s CPD Online. We hope that TrOn’s popularity, like that of CPD Online, will grow rapidly, providing high-quality, curriculum-focused educational material. We hope you will enjoy using TrOn to aid your development as professionals, and that it will support your success in the membership examinations.


Dr Stuart Leask

Editor, Trainees Online

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